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NagVis is a visualization addon for the well known network managment system Nagios.

NagVis can be used to visualize Nagios Data, e.g. to display IT processes like a mail system or a network infrastructure.

Sponsoring NagVis

When you profit from the NagVis project and want to support our project, you could become a sponsor! Sponsoring the NagVis project ensures that the development on NagVis continues.

Sponsoring NagVis is not only good for the project. It could also be a good way to signalize that your company is involved and in close contact to the NagVis project.

Sponsoring is the right thing for you if you like to support the project while also having some benefits. If you are looking for some NagVis support or customer specific implementations see the "Enterprise" section on our support page.

If you have any questions about becoming a sponsor, please do not hesitate to
get in touch with us.

There are several levels of sponsoring with several terms and results.

Ways of sponsoring

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This list has been started in 2013. Thanks to all of you for supporting our project!