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NagVis is a visualization addon for the well known network managment system Nagios.

NagVis can be used to visualize Nagios Data, e.g. to display IT processes like a mail system or a network infrastructure.

Enterprise Support

Partner placement

We know the best providers for Nagios and NagVis solutions. We can assist you finding the perfect partner for your Nagios and NagVis related project.


We invest much time in adding features and improving NagVis. This is for free. The limitation is that we only implement those things we consider to be useful for us and the whole community. Last but not least we invest our spare time which is limited.

Why you should call on us?

For example you would like to add a feature to your local NagVis.
Who would be the best to implement it? The NagVis developers.

You use NagVis as a part of your IT monitoring platform for you customers.
Do you invest much unnecessary time in implementing your customizations? Do you use old versions of NagVis because you need much time to migrate your changes to the newer versions of NagVis? Who would be the best to implement it?

Of course the NagVis developers.

You ask why?


It is possible to extend NagVis by adding custom templates, iconsets, shapes, sounds and translations. There are some standard things included in NagVis but these don't fit all needs.

There are also some third party files. You can find them on the NagVis Exchange.

We offer you to create custom files for your NagVis installation which fit your conceivabilities.

You are interested?

Let us know your needs and we will make you an offer.
Please contact us by sending a mail to: or by using the contact form.